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Dc Heath And Company Worksheets Answers Zip

 . I am trying to install Ubuntu 13.04, but the boot process won't complete. My computer says "Oops, boot failure". I looked at my DVD, and it has a little message saying "not enough room on disc" or something like that. is he an op or something? ninjamasks: that is the issue, it is thinking the disc is full ninjamasks: ohhh, i know how to fix that. you need to free up some space on your HD aeon-ltd, ohhh, so how do i do that? ninjamasks, i haven't checked, but the whole idea with linux is to not have to worry about that kind of thing. poyntz, how do i do that? ninjamasks: is your disc full? ninjamasks: like what... did you install to it already? ninjamasks: boot from a live cd (use the ubuntu disc), use gparted to free up space i remember having to do that with 12.04 or something man 12.04's never been good poyntz, well, the CD is full, that is what the boot failure message said, and that is the issue ahhh :/ do you have other hdds? or a USB drive? or a separate partition? you could clone the image of your whole disc using a different disk to try and fix it do you have a spare cd drive? poyntz, i think i have a USB drive, but it is super old, and i'm not sure if it will work which drive does it boot? the ubuntu one? poyntz, yes

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